Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Favorites

It is kind of a given that I would love Adele. She is soulful, British, timeless, with a flair for drama... All things I aspire to be. But dang, her new album is ridiculous. Not only does she sing soul/pop in a refreshingly big yet clever way, but there is also just some really good songwriting going on. A lot of this album is on repeat for me this month.

I recently purchased a pair of bright coral-red jeans. I was a little freaked out by them at first, but they just looked so happy. I pair them with neutrals, like a chestnut sweater and boots, so the whole look isn't too overwhelmingly vibrant. I love them, and I am excited for a pair of shorts in the same vein when things warm up around here! I could probably wear them with tights if I get impatient... Hmm...

Alec Soth has gained a lot of worldwide attention for his photography over the last few years, so it is kind of cool that he remains a local boy here in the Twin Cities. I love his "Sleeping by the Mississippi" series. On the surface the images can be sorrowful, almost grim, but I see so much hope and life in them. Check him out!

Another bright color... Can you tell I am sick of winter? Now that I am completely comfortable/kind of addicted to red lipstick, I thought it was time to branch out a bit. I have always heard good things about MAC lipstick, and I am thrilled with my purchase of this bright pink shade called "Girl About Town." It is a bit shocking at first, especially for daytime... But I think if you wear it with a smile, and once again, not too many other bright colors, it is a piece of cake!

I am not getting nearly as much downtime as my brain requires in order to not be a walking ball of stress. But the downtime I DO get is so so sweet. More, please?

(shorts from Forever 21; photo by Alec Soth; lipstick from MAC; Emma Watson image from here!)

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